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Boxing originated in England, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which was fought with bare hands, making it a very brutal and violent sport. Years later this sport started to be regulated; specially in 1867 with the formulation of the Queenberry Rules. A boxing match is not a brawl or a street fight. There are rules to designate a winner and keep the match interesting for fans while reducing the chances of serious injury to the boxers. The rules vary in some ways between amateur (Olympic) boxing and professional boxing, and even between pro boxing organizations.

Team Us Unlimited LLC specialize in the development of professional and amateur boxers. Through our webpage we will give you the tools and education needed to better your craft in the sweet science boxing. If you need further coaching and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Boxing Film Study

Boxing film studies are one of the best tools you can use to discover new techniques, develop training drills, and increase your boxing IQ. As an exercise, it’s very useful for anyone with an interest in boxing, and essential for those without regular access to a trainer. Film studies are also great for fans of boxing – a single film study demo will take your appreciation of the sport to another level.

Studying The Opponent: Active amateur and professional boxers often analyze footage of future opponents to identify tendencies that could be exploited in the ring. For example, if you see your opponent drops his rear hand when he jabs, you might train yourself to hook off of their jab to exploit that opening.

Studying The Best: This form of film study, refers to the analysis of pro fight and training videos for the purposes of learning new skills, developing training drills, and increasing your boxing IQ.


Boxing Lessons Online

Whether you just want to get into shape or step into the ring for real one day, you have a host of options at your disposal for boxing instruction. If you can’t afford to attend a boxing gym, training using online sources represents the next best thing. The videos on this page will guide you; giving you priceless knowledge and a better look into this sweet science called boxing.


Online Boxing Coaching

Through this page you can sign up for one on one online coaching. This online coaching page will connect you with a Team Us Unlimited boxing coach, who will instruct you and guide you in the process of perfecting your craft. Thanks to technology we can connect one on one no matter where you are.

At times finding a great boxing coach can be challenging due to your geographical location or enviroment. We have designed this page to assist you with the process of getting proper one on one boxing training via online. It does not matter if you are training at home or in a boxing gym; all you need is an app that would allow us to see each other. Apps such as facetime, oovoo, skype, etc. will work perfectly fine. There are two programs we offer for personal training.


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